Oscillation therapy

Oscillation therapy, also known as Physiopod, is the use of a deep oscillating massage machine to aid and assist recovery. Oscillation therapy is often used in conjunction with other therapies. The examples below will show the wide range of benefits - whether you are recovering from surgery, a medical condition or are a sports person coming back from injury or the effects of competition

DEEP OSCILLATION® is a patented electromechanical therapeutic procedure using resonant vibration of the tissue with DEEP OSCILLATION® equipment from Physiomed, Germany.

A special design makes it possible, using electrostatic attraction and friction, "to produce mechanical vibrations in treated tissues of the body, not only at the skin on the surface but also in deeper tissues" (Brenke and Siems 1996). Schönfelder and Berg (1991) refer to a "penetrating vibration and pumping effect deep into the tissue". The frequency can be varied in the range from 5-250 Hz. The treatment applicator/or vinyl gloved hands and electrode worn by the therapist and the patient are connected to the equipment (voltage source). A vinyl film between the applicator head/or the gloves and the patient functions as a dielectric. This results in a weakly conducting capacitative layer between the contact surfaces.

In action, pulsed electrostatic attractions draw the tissue to the applicator and release it at the rhythm of the chosen frequency. The therapist sets the pressure gradient, speed and direction of the movements. The patient can treat himself if appropriate with applicators.

The treatment procedure is characterised by minimal external mechanical effects, which allows it to be used in cases of acute pain, fresh injuries and in treatment of wounds. Numerous pilot studies have demonstrated pain reduction, minimisation of oedema and anti-fibrotic effects.

It is commonly used for the treatment of Lymphoedema (Jahr, S., Schoppe, B. and Reißhauer A. (2008) Effect of treatment with low intensity and extremely low frequency electrostatic fields (Deep Oscillation®) on breast tissue and pain in patients with secondary breast lymphoedema. J. Rehabil. Med. 40, 645-650).

Surgery Aftercare - e.g. breast cancer

Immediately applicable (first postoperative day) read conclusion of study when using DEEP OSCILLATION® following breast cancer surgery

  • Effective prophylaxis of local oedemas
  • Pain relief and improved sensitivity
  • Improved Activity
  • High-quality wound healing (scar)

Open Wounds - e.g. ulcers, (read case history) amputations, burns (see burns page)

  • Treatment of the wounded area or immediate surroundings
  • Visible improvement of decongestion and supply
  • Enhancement of dynamic wound healing

Respiratory Diseases - e.g. mucoviscidosis, COPD

    Quick and lasting relaxation of the respiratory musculature Mucolytic effect Immediate feeling of well-being

Sports Physiotherapy

  • Accelerated regeneration in case of traumata, especially of edemas and hematomas

Training and competition aftercare



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December 2013

A New Research paper has been published in Hindawi, Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (eCAM). The conclusion of the research -

"... deep oscillation massage is safe and well tolerated in patients with FMS and might improve symptoms and quality of life rather sustained."

Read the paper here

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